Clearance items are defined as products who have any of the following attributes:

  • A discount exceeding 20%
  • Are contained within the category "Clearance"
  • Have the word clearance included anywhere on the product page


For all products considered clearance under the aforementioned characteristics their eligibility for return or exchange is void.

Less than 30-Days

During the first 30-days from the order date of the product(s) in question, the purchaser may return all items identified as standard merchandise. Any products not defined within the standard merchandise agreement are not eligible for return and no credit will be issued.

To initiate a standard merchandise return, please call into our eCommerce sales department and sign the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) agreement. After the RMA Agreement has been signed and returned to the agent of Chris’ Coffee Service, follow the “shipping my repair or return” procedure. Adherence to all procedures in the RMA Agreement and shipping procedures is integral to your return arriving in the same condition as it was sent in.

Open Box

For all items classified as open box, you retain the same agreement as above with products listed as standard merchandise. One exception does apply: the return period is 15-days from order date unless otherwise specified in writing at the time of purchase with a Chris’ Coffee Service representative.

Standard Merchandise Agreement

Standard merchandise is defined as home espresso machines and coffee grinders unless otherwise noted on the product page. Items outside of the standard merchandise definition are not eligible for return. Items that could be considered non-standard and are not eligible for return include, but are not limited to, items contained within the following categories: commercial espresso, clearance, accessories, parts, coffee brewers, or coffee.

If you have questions regarding parts and accessories for compatibility or if they would be a solution to your product(s) please 1(800) 590-4105-or prior to purchase.