Mavea Purity C Water Filtration & Softening
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Water quality is a major factor for everyone who wish to make coffee-based drinks. Whether you are a home user, a cafe owner or a pro barista, your beverages can be ruined and have a utterly bitter taste or odor due to extremely hard water and limescale. Worst yet, the water can quickly build up scale in your machine, resulting in high repair costs and wasted performance.

Mavea coffee water filter systems are devoted to alleviating these problems. Mavea Purity C coffee water filter system is designed to reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, removing harmful deposits such as lead, copper, and chlorine. Mavea filter systems accomplishes this by the use of Active Carbon and Ion Exchange softening.

Mavea Purity C water filter systems comes standard with a filter head, a carbonate hardness test kit, and a cartridge. The filter head on top of the system allows 100% of the water to be filtered through a 5 micro carbon filter, including bypass water. You can even control the bypass water, ranging from 0% to 70% (water with low hardness). It has an easy to use locking system; a simple twist of the handles shuts off the water and enables you to remove and replace the filter cartridge.


  • Mavea Male Filter Head
  • 2 Female 3/8" BSPT x Female 3/8" John Guest


  • NSF Approved
  • Mavea filtration heads are interchangable between each catridge size. See the specification tab for more information.
  • All filter cartridges need to be changed at minimum once yearly.
  • Mavea Purity C filtration systems & softeners are Hydrogen Ion exchange