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Mazzer Mini Doserless Espresso Grinder V2 - Type B - Black

  • Grinding adjustment:
    • Stepless - Infinite number of grind settings which allows you really fine tune your grind. Adjustment dial is located underneath the hopper. The entire dial is numbered so you can remember your current grind setting easier. Turn clockwise for a coarser grind and counterclockwise for a finer grind.
    • Adjustment lever - This lever screws into the adjustment dial and helps you easily change your grind settings. There are 5 positions this lever can be installed. Once you find your correct grind setting, you can move the lever to another position that won't stick out the sides.
  • Grinding burrs:
    • Flat burrs - Large size at 64 mm. The larger the size, the more of a grinding surface, resulting in faster production.
    • High rpm - Faster spinning rate at 1600 rpm. The higher the speed, the faster the production, which can increase efficiency and reduce wait times.
    • Easy access - Remove the bean hopper. Turn the grinding adjust to the coarser direction until the top assembly comes off. This will give you access to the burrs and the grinding chamber. The burrs themselves are held in with Allen key screws.
  • Electronic controls:
    • Multiple dosing options - Press the dosing button once for a single dose. Press the dosing button quickly twice for a double dose. Hold the dosing button for a manual dose.
    • Time based grinding - You can adjust the the time for each automatic dose up to 99.95 seconds max. Adjustments can be made by 0.05 second increments.
    • Dosing count - This helps keep track of usage. Displays the total count of automatic doses, not manual doses. Single doses will add 1 to the tonal count. Double doses will add 2 to the total count.
  • Bean hopper:
    • Low profile - The total height of the grinder without the hopper is a little under 12". The bean hopper adds another 5" bringing the total height to approximately 17". The total capacity is approximately 1.3 pounds of whole coffee beans, a little over half the size of a standard kilo bag.
    • Set screw - Secures the hopper to the grinder. Serves as a reminder for users from quickly removing the hopper if it is filled with beans.
    • Finger guard - Prevents users from "accidentally" putting their fingers in the grinding burrs.
    • Stopper - A door near the bottom of the hopper can be pushed in to close the opening. This allows you to remove the hopper with beans inside so you can easily change the beans. There will be some beans already passed in the burrs which will have to be ground out first before removing the hopper.
  • Portafilter fork:
    • Ease of use - Allows you to rest your portafilter while grinding for a complete hands free operation. Accommodates most portafilters. The clearance from the fork to the funnel is approximately 2.625".
    • Removable - The fork can be removed if you wish to grind into a container. There are 2 Phillips screws that hold the fork in place. The clearance underneath the funnel is approximately 5.25".
  • Grinds catch tray:
    • Easy to "install" - There are no screws or hooks. The tray form fits to the front legs of the grinder. If you need to slide your grinder over on your counter, the tray moves with it.
    • Convenient - As easy as it is to install, it's just as easy to remove to discard any excess grinds. There are other comparable models that do not have a tray at all.
  • Accessories included:
    • Tamper - A really nice double sided tamper. One side measures 58 mm, the other side measures 53 mm. Could be used as a backup just in case you lose your current one.
    • Brush - A simple brush. Measures 20 mm in width. Used for general cleaning in and around the grinder.
    • Instruction manual - Written in 6 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese. Instructions also work for the Super Jolly, Lux, and other Mini models.

Details and Specifications:

  • Height: 17" H (43.18 cm H) including short hopper and lid
  • Width: 9.25" W (23.5 cm W) including clearance for adjustment lever on both sides
  • Depth: 13.25" D (33.67 cm D) including grounds catch tray
  • Weight: 18.74 pounds net, 23.15 pounds gross (8.5 kilograms net, 10.5 kilograms gross)
  • Power: 250 watts, 120 volts, 60 hertz, 2.1 amps, 1 phase
  • Grinding speed: 1600 rpm
  • Burr size: 64 mm flat
  • Bean hopper capacity: 1.32 pounds (600 grams)
  • Color: Black
  • Country of manufacture: Italy
  • Approvals: ETL


  1. Changing grind settings: As with all coffee grinders, it is very important to only change grind settings on Mazzer coffee grinders when the unit is powered 'on' and the burrs are in motion. If you do not do this, the burrs will 'gunk' up and require cleaning by you every time this occurs. Changing the grind settings when the burrs are not in motion will render the grinder to only produce very coarse grinds or no grinds at all. If this result occurs, this will be considered operator error for lack of following directions, and not be classified as a defective grinder. Mazzer grinders are considered commercial equipment for grinding coffee only and can not be returned once used. Manual switch models are no longer being produced by the factory.
  2. Static issues: Please be aware that there are static issues with all grinders, even the highest quality models. We firmly believe that the static comes from the coffee beans. If you are having static problems with your coffee grinder, trying using a different blend of beans.
  3. Finding grinds in a new grinder: We have confirmed that Mazzer tests EVERY grinder with coffee beans before it leaves their facility, but they are not always able to get every trace of coffee out of the grinders after testing. As a result, you may find coffee beans or grinds inside your grinder, or there may be grinds in the packaging when you unwrap it.
  4. Replacing the burrs: When replacing Mazzer burrs, NEVER use a flathead screwdriver and hammer to wedge under the burrs for removal. This could badly damage your machine.
  5. Electrical cord: Please note that the electrical cord is placed between the packaging (foam or cardboard) and the underside body of the grinder. During shipping, it is normal for a bend or insignificant blemish / slice to damage the cord.