Vibiemme Domobar Original Espresso Machine
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Vibiemme Domobar Original Espresso Machine

The Domobar Original is Vibiemme’s single boiler espresso machine model. Geared mainly for making espresso with the capability to froth milk for the occasional cappuccino. If you steam or froth a lot of milk, this is not the machine for you. If you want a simple, quality built machine without all the electronics to make espresso, this is clearly a superb choice.

Single boiler system:
  • Copper – The boiler is copper which retains heat better than stainless steel. Typically copper boilers are more susceptible to limescale when you compare to stainless steel boilers. Therefore, we highly recommend using a water softener.
  • ***Dual purpose – Capability to froth milk.
E-61 grouphead:
  • True Faema E-61 – The original E-61 by Carlo Ernesto Valente who brought the design from Faema to VBM. More heavy duty than other E-61 groupheads on the market.
  • Constantly heated – Hot water circulates from the heat exchanger through the grouphead and back to keep the grouphead and your portafilter nice and hot. As a result the grouphead temperature constant and stable when you compare to other groupheads that have a built-in heating element.
  • Pre-infusion – Lever next to the grouphead activates a microswitch which turns on the pump to pump water through the coffee grinds. Pulling the lever half way up will open the valve to allow water into the grouphead without activating the pump. Please note that true pre-infusion requires the direct water connection whereby the water pressure from the water line creates the true pre-infusion.
Vibratory pump:
  • Efficient – 41 watts, rated up to 15 bar with air valve bypass. You only need 9 bar to extract perfect espresso, and wattage has no correlation to longevity.
  • Cost effective – Pumps will degrade in performance over time. Replacing a vibration pump will cost less than a rotary vane pump.
Tank / reservoir system:
  • Particle filter – Protects the machine from any unseen particles from entering the boiler. You can remove this filter if you are installing an inline water softener.
  • Auto-shut off – Prevents burning out the heating element. The water tank sits on a spring activated plate. Once the water is low, the plate depresses the tank microswitch which turns off the heating element.
Steam wand:
  • Swivel – Bi-directional. Helps prevent from hitting, and possibly scratching the body panel.
  • 2-hole steam tip – Allows for a slow gradual build-up of microfoam.
  • Rotational knobs – Allows for easier control of the intensity.
  • Hot water – Also the capability of producing hot water for tea or hot chocolate.
Pressure gauge:
  • Brew (pump) pressure – Ranges from 0 – 16 bar.
  • Body panel – Stainless steel wrap around body panel. Polished to a mirror finish. The bottom portion is in black and the upper portion is in polished stainless steel.
  • Easy access to the inside – First remove the top cover. Then remove the 5 screws (2 on each side, 1 on the back) and the wrap-around body slides off.
  • Minimal components – Meaning less maintenance & less stuff to repair.
  • Feet – Low profile to keep overall height low. Made of rubber to help prevent unit from sliding on your countertop.
  • Color accent – Available in black or white.
Accessories included:
  • Portafilters – Single spout portafilter and a dual spout portafilter. The neck has the VBM brand imprint, similar to the one on the grouphead.
  • Filter baskets – 1-cup filter basket which holds approximately 7 grams. 2-cup filter basket which holds approximately 14 grams. Blind filter basket which you use for backflushing. 58 mm in diameter.
  • Tamper – A cheap plastic tamper. Manufacturers will normally include a tamper like this to keep the overall selling price of the machine low. We recommend upgrading to a better tamper.
  • Cleaning brush – A simple brush for cleaning the grouphead. Ergonomically designed with an angle for easier usage.
  • Coffee scoop – A simple plastic scoop if you are using preground coffee.
  • Instruction manual – Written in 5 languages: Spanish, German, French, English, Italian.

Brand Vibiemme

Height (inches)

14, approximate

Width (inches)

9, approximate

Depth (inches)

16.5, approximate

Weight (pounds)


Wattage (watts)


Voltage (volts)


Boiler capacity (liters)


Portafilter size (mm)